Detox after your Memorial Day Weekend by having a Colonic at Green & White Wellness Center!

After celebrating and over-indulging this Memorial Day holiday weekend…it is a great idea to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Colon hydrotherapy is a great solution. Call Green and White Wellness Center in Clark, NJ for more information or to schedule an appointment!

The Gut Feeling (A Cautionary Tale)


Thursday, one week to Turkey Day! We are all looking forward to this biggest family event! And This Holiday is all about food!

We are all going to eat a lot, no matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, and so on…
Our Center is all about prevention and making you feel better!
My blog today is to remind you to be mindful and to love your body!
And here is the tale …
One day the body’s organs were having an argument as to which was the most important. The Brain was the first to gloat that without it the body couldn’t think for itself and would do something really stupid and die.

The Heart disagreed, saying that without blood pumping around the body all the organs would suffocate from lack of oxygen.

The Lungs said, “Oh yeah and I provide the air for the rest of you guys so I’m the most important.” Kidneys said that without them the body would poison itself and die. The Stomach said, “Yeah, but without me the body wouldn’t be nourished”

While the organs were arguing amongst themselves, the lowly Gut chimed in, “Hey you guys what about me? Aren’t I important?”

All the organs laughed and teased the poor little output device”: You’re just a hole”, they said, “There is nothing to you…”
and the poor little hole went into hiding saying: “You’re all mean, and to prove that I’m the most important organ I’m going to hide and not do anything”.

They all continued laughing and eventually settled down for the night. The next morning, the Brain tried to wake up the body but didn’t have enough energy to do so; the Heart felt a bit heavy and the Lungs were out of breath, while the Kidneys complained that they couldn’t keep up with the garbage the body was producing.

This went on for a few days until they remembered the lowly Gut. “It was true”, they all exclaimed. The poor little hole had clammed itself up in shame and affected the entire body!

“OKay… we give up! You are the most important organ in the body”. And with that the little hole gave out a huge sigh of relief, and the body was regular again”

Stay tuned for the Thankgiving Special only at Green and White Wellness Center!!!

Great news – our first blog post!

In this day and age everybody is reading a blog or two, it’s easy to get news and updates from people you follow and businesses you go to! And I decided that we should get on with the modern flow! Writing is not my best skill but I’m told that if you start doing something regularly – you become a pro!

That’s great news!

So – here is our first blog! And I hope you will read and post comments! I would be so happy!

The other day I got an email from a new client seeking information about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and if colonic is helpful for IBS?
I want you to know what causes IBS…
* disruption of the brain-gut connection
* small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
* acute gastrointestinal infection
* antibiotic use causing changes in gut flora
* poor eating habits and insufficient chewing
* use of antacids causing poor absorption
* insufficient hydration
* stress and over -exertion
* missing meals
* it affects people that tend to be worriers
As you can see – so many things can cause so much pain, and if you think about all of that can be avoided and you can prevent IBS!
So what can you do to manage IBS?
1. Eat warm, bland, cooked vegetables and proteins such as soups and stews.
2. Avoid stimulants, fizz, hard, cold and spicy foods.
3. Manage stress with meditation, yoga, abdominal breathing, massage, acupuncture, tapping, etc
4. Eat small, non-irritating meals at regular intervals; eat slowly and chew well!
And Colon Hydortherapy can be icing on the cake!
If you have a question about it please write in the comments or call me!
And I’m so happy to add one more testimonial to our reviews! Frank Mellana (of Heaven on Earth Massage in Rahway) ┬áhas been a client of Green and White Wellness Center since the very beginning. And he is so generous to give this testimonial! And I love this video! I hope you do to! He is so charming!
Hope you enjoyed it!